A Child’s Ear

That cold spot on the floor.  An uneasy creek.  A torch, a bear; tiny comforts that arm a child’s soul.

Don’t fall asleep on the couch.  It’s a long walk back to your bedroom.


  1. Ces

    Aaaawww! All of a sudden your blog is filled with visual delights. ACK! I can’t decide which one to view first!

    By the way, thank you Rubin. Sorry, I am afraid of lizards, toads and frogs. I don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with the lizard falling from the ceiling and slithering inside my shirt and the frog being so warty. We also had poisonous frogs! However, I love their choral croaking after the rain. Thank you for your reading.

    Off to look at these dreamy images.

  2. Ces

    Aaaawwwww!!! DAng! I just noticed the ghost. EEEEEEKKKK!

    • Rubin Pingk

      Haha. She is a little creepy. She just wants to be found tho. 🙂

  3. Ces

    YES! It is actually a sad image, isn’t it? I would want to be found and laid to rest too!

  4. I had the same exact reaction Ces! lol.. delighted by some colorful cute children’s art for change and..boom ..there goes thr ghost.
    You sure think (draw) out of the box Rubin. I still don’t know how to feel about this pic..
    Yes, she should be found, but the boy is gonna freak 🙁

    • Rubin Pingk

      This could be the start of a very charming story! 🙂 Ghosts can’t be all that bad. They don’t bother me too often 🙂

  5. Ces

    Yeah! One has to be careful with Rubin. he gives you the cuties and then WHAMO! Ooops, thank goodness it’s not a cooty. Heh!

    • Rubin Pingk

      I’ve got plenty of cooties. Watch out.

  6. ACK! Oh noooooooo! Awwww, this makes me so sad! How did she…. why is she…. oh goodness. Too many stories of child abuse in the news lately. Still, this is a great illustration that packs a lot of story with just a few key details.

    • Rubin Pingk

      They’ll become friends, him and her. I think she died for something innocuous, like refusing to eat dinner.

      My five year old is terrified of the dark lately. He says the creepiest things to me. Like “I hear whispers that say ‘These are all the ways he can see us’.”

      Right?! What is a Dad suppose to do about that?! (Besides wanting to move.) Maybe I’ll make this a charming story to ease the little creepers imagination.

  7. Rats, bones and ghost under the stairs. Well probably less scary than whatever is in our old shed!

    You’ve got skills, and damn good skills at that. Will definitely be looking through your works. Thanks for visiting too.

  8. Oh, please, please uncle Rubin, please, tell us more! Don’t be teasing your viewers, we are so truly enamored with your wonderful stories, but what’s so amazing, not one word is needed to take us away, far away. Though I see the creepiness noted by loyal followers above with respect to the ghost effect, but don’t we all have ’em, just say hello (acknowledgment is important to their self esteem) … but I also see the life and fear, which I know you won’t let continue for too long, coupled with thrill of darkness’s adventure … Brilliant!

    • Rubin Pingk

      Thanks Penny. If I see any ghosts, I’ll try the “Hello” thing. I’m totally going to blame you, tho, if they charge at my like the library ghost from Ghostbusters. 🙂

  9. Oh Rubin.. poor baby.. my six yrs old kept on seeing some red figure without eyes in our old apt. Once he said it sat next to him on the sofa when I went to the kitchen. He used to see it during the day time outside of our window across the street looking up.
    It freeeeeaked me out the least to say!

    I investigated and asked my son specific questions: did it touch you, did it talk, how do you feel about it?
    He was more comfy, by having me on his side and we decided together techniques how to make that “thing” not bother us. When we moved, he said he told it to stay in the old apt and it did. I was tempted to ask my rabbi, but since it left, I didn’t pursue it any further. There is so many invisible “energies” around us,if we got to see and hear them all, we’d go nuts.
    It HAS to be taken seriously. Children’s bodies are just these little half empty shells, still growing and like sponges, absorbing e.t. around them. They get confused and scared of what is right to absorb or to give permission to enter their little beings. DO move out!
    Till the mean time, encourage him not be scared. I used art therapy. We drew “it” together and discarded “it” and asked “it” to be nice and not bother us, that we can’t help “it”.

    Your artwork is so so amazing! I am glad to be a regular visitor. 🙂

    • Rubin Pingk

      I think I’ll try having him draw it, like you say. I’ve read that helps. On the plus side, we will have to move soon enough. We’re outgrowing this place.

  10. Ces

    Ah, now that we are talking about ghosts and having read Malka’s comment above, my adult neighbor says that she sees and feels something in her house and when she told me about it, I was so terrified I almost peed my pants. It was a good thing we were at the shower at the pool but ever since she told me that, I started being afraid to go in the poolhouse bathroom. So if you write a ghost story I AM NOT READING IT and it has nothing to do with your drawing skills. I cannot stand Steven King’s stories.

    • Rubin Pingk

      I love a good ghost story. Well, except that movie “Ghosts.” Pottery wheels will never be the same. . . 🙂

  11. Ces

    By the way, why do you have an England time stamp on your comment section? Are you in England?

    • Rubin Pingk

      I don’t know. I think it defaulted to some weird timezone when I upgraded my wordpress to 3.1. I’ll have to keep an eye on that. I just set it back to Mountain time.

  12. Coincidentaly, my husband has a moving co., but we r located in NYC. Don’t know where you are at.
    Either way, good luck with eventual relocation and starting anew.

    Draw it together, until it turns from scary to something friendly and beutifull.<3
    You are such a great aritst and storyteller. Art therapy could be a great venue for you.

    • Rubin Pingk

      I’m in Utah. I do have a friend who recently moved to NYC recently for a job tho. If he moves around, I’ll recommend your husband’s co.

  13. And I’m afraid to go into poolhouse bathrooms because I hear some people pee in the showers.

  14. Stupendous and heart-stoppingly freaky. I love the new color scheme and oh the story that this piece tells.

    • Rubin Pingk

      Thanks Jen. Where’s your Sunday sketch? 🙂

  15. I love the use of colors for this one. Blue for the gost, of course. Yes I think she wants to be found. I also think kids are much closer and “aware” of other dimensions. I know sometimes my boy hear stuff that I do not hear. He would look at a specific place and I would ask “What? Did you see something”. He would say “Yeah… but I dont want to talk about it.” Always freaks me out a bit. Maybe one day he will tell me what he sees. But I dont want to insist. And he never has nightmare so I am guessing it’s nothing scary… for him anyway 😉 Nice sketch, I really like this idea.

    • Rubin Pingk

      I remember my childhood interactions with shadows and sorts. I wonder if older people (seniors) experience the same thing.

  16. Yikes. I don´t really believe in ghosts. Or rather, I don´t believe ghosts, if there are any, is anything to be afraid of. This picture however gives me the creeps….

    • Rubin Pingk

      Rubin Pingk: Giving out creeps since 2011. I’m going to make it a tradition. 🙂

  17. Wow, your artwork is fantastic! Great imagination!
    I love how concrened the bear looks about crossing that stair 🙂

  18. Wow Rubin! You’ve been so prolific since I looked last!

    I remember feeling like this when I had to go up to bed as a kid (without small dead child under the stairs and rats of course). You’re so good at capturing the essence of a subject and the little girl looks so sad 🙁

    • Rubin Pingk

      How do you know? Did you look under the stairs? 🙂

      The girl is sad. I think she wants out.

  19. This series is great! Leaving the main page up as a tab in my browser to look at from time to time today. I like this one a lot because it seems to have the most story packed into it.

    • Rubin Pingk

      Thanks Terry. I like your blog too. You went to SXSW? That is awesome! I am going to Comic Con this year. So excited.

      • Yes, it was really good to meet a lot of other people in the web and design industry. Even a few illustrators!

        Comic Con sounds great. Hope you have a blast!

        I assume that you illustrate for a living?

        • Rubin Pingk

          Actually I’m a web analyst for the gub’ment. I design web sites. We are still fighting the IE6 beast, but it is being phased out this year.

          My job does allow me to do a lot of graphic design, but very little illustration. Drawing is just my night time hobby. 🙂

          • Ah. I’m currently doing web for a hospital, but we’ve finally phased out the IE6 monster.

            Would like to design and illustrate more. You on twitter? B/c comment conversations are strange to me haha.

          • Rubin Pingk

            I am now!

  20. This is great, very cute and creepy, great combo! ;D

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