No Boundaries

Death holds no boundaries for the Phoenix, who carries  new life in it’s molten wake.

Deb Talan sings a song called “Ashes on Your Eyes.”
I enjoy the line “You are a phoenix with your feathers still a little wet, baby, the ashes just look pretty on your eyes.”


  1. Woooooow.. nice take on the boundaries (or I should say _no_ boundaries) theme, Rubin! Did you do the colors digitally? Love the movement…fire, water… is it me or there is some kind of a yin yang/balancing of the elements going on here? That is some fascinating line you have here about the phoenix. Great to see you participating on IF!

    • Rubin Pingk

      Yeah, I did them digitally. I’m not terribly happy with them. The line work is a little shoddy. I need to perhaps draw larger and with a Windsor series 7 brush instead of these drafting pens.

  2. Amy

    I love this. It took me a few seconds to see the bird, but it’s wonderful.

    • Rubin Pingk

      Wow. I’m jealous. All I can see is the bird. Maybe if I squint my eyes I can see it as a shape. That’s neat. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Stunning, Rubin. I always love your work, in color.

    • Rubin Pingk

      Thanks Jennifer!

  4. JJ

    Absolutely lovely, the colours and the energy are great!

    • Rubin Pingk

      Why thank you!

  5. Bella Sinclair


    A thousand strikes upon my drawing hand for not coming here sooner. I’ve been meaning to catch up with you for some time now. Why you no have Follow button???

    This bird is so cool! It looks wet and fluid and dynamic all at once. Love the gnarled claws too.

    Funny you should use the word “drought’ in your comment. I have felt creatively shriveled and dried for a while. Beef jerky. I’m just getting back into the swing of things, a little forced sometimes, but seeing your work gives me renewed spark. I’m WOWed just to be here!

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