The Drowned Council

I have paid a rusted, jagged, stinking price to become what I’ve become.
And with your flippant throat you speak against me?
Let me introduce you to the drowned council. . .
Those wretches from the ocean floor.
They will squeeze the breath from your lungs with their misshapen paws.
Until you gasp and fill with salt to taste.
Where you will be devoured by metal mouths and churned inside swollen lips
and chewed and swallowed beneath the ocean’s weight.

~The Centurion (to a whelp who went missing at sea)


  1. This! THESE!!!!! Amazing. Your imagination know no bounds.

    • Rubin Pingk


  2. Pure awesomeness à la Rubin Pingk!! This is some kick ass piece, my friend. It’s an honor to “know” you, sir!! :))

    • Rubin Pingk

      Thanks Izzy.

  3. Mercer’s eyes flicked over the railing, scanning the sea. There was no way that he could miss the tangle of flotsam riding the waves, the last remains of the Wretch. “Sea witch!” He growled fiercely at Arral, reaching for his sword. He hadn’t pulled it more than an inch out of its scabbard before Arral’s own blade was at his throat.

    • Rubin Pingk


  4. Bella Sinclair

    Beyond fantastic, Mr. Pingk. Your work sends me on wild adventures. Cerebral as ever, sir, and loving it! Hope you have been well.

  5. Ces

    Rubin, I was reading an old post dated 2011 and I saw your comment. How are you? I hope you are well. You have not posted for a long time.

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